Annie Liebowitz, court portraitist to America’s royalty, speaks tonight at Harold Washington Library. I’m a bit sour on her right now because of the brutal Photoshopping done to Tina Fey’s face for her Vanity Fair profile*; Fey’s eyebrows look airbrushed, and not computer airbrushed but vanity-car-art airbrushed.

There’s probably a lot to be written about Liebowitz as an artist. I enjoyed the period when it seemed like it was her vs. David LaChapelle for who would document America’s prettiest and most powerful. She won, probably because her work is flattering and, above all, reverent.

*As an article, it has plenty of interesting facts, but the real takeaway is that Maureen Dowd is a weirdo obsessed with her own uninteresting demons–fortunately, celebrity profiles are a much more appropriate venue than the editorial pages of the NYT.