Everybody who’s listening to the Wipers on at least a semi-regular basis, raise your hands.

I don’t know what the deal is, but there are a whole lot of people who are pumping up Is This Real? on the regular. They think they’re the only ones in the world doing it, so they aren’t talking about it. I’ve found the Wipers on at least a half-dozen iPods that friends have let me rummage through in the past year. I know bartenders who put it on, but only around closing time when they get to rock out semi-privately. No one’s really making a thing out of it like they are with the whole Smiths revival. Is it because of the visuals? Yes, they have the worst logo ever, but does that really mean you can’t at least wear, if not a t-shirt, at least a modest lapel button? And maybe we should leave Greg Sage’s do-rag on history’s shit pile, but does that mean your band can’t cover one of his songs? The Mannequin Men did a few times, and that probably is at least partially responsible for them becoming completely kick-ass.

We gotta start taking it to the streets, people. If we don’t do it for the sake of our own Wipers fandom, we gotta do it for the kids. Can you imagine what will happen to rock if the youth of tomorrow get their first taste of Sage-dom from this guy?