During a seven-month investigation into reported druggings in Chicago’s comedy scene, several people told the Reader they’d heard about a man being drugged at iO Theater’s 2015 holiday party. Though we tried, we were unable to identify the comedian before publishing the story. Once the story ran, however, the man reached out to the Reader via e-mail.

“I’m almost positive I was drugged,” says 26-year-old Jordan, who asked to be identified by his middle name. “My memory is terrible from that night, and I can only recall [up to] my second drink.”

Jordan arrived at the December 15 party around 8 PM and doesn’t remember much past 9:30 PM. The next day, Jordan woke up feeling foggy and says he was unable to move until about 4 PM. He didn’t even realize he’d stayed at the party until 1:30 AM—two hours later than he told his wife he’d be out—until he saw an Uber receipt mapping his trip from the theater to his home. “The next morning was like putting together the clues of what happened,” he says now.

When he spoke to friends in the days that followed, they informed him that he’d had an hours-long conversation with them at the party—but Jordan didn’t recall them being there at all.

He feared that going to the police would be fruitless and might harm iO’s reputation, so instead of filing a police report, Jordan mentioned the incident to iO’s bar staff and told them to keep their eyes peeled.

“The alleged incident you are referring to was never reported to us,” says Stacey Malow-Williams, a representative of iO. “The first I heard of it was in your article. We’ve made several inquiries within our community and no one seems to know who it was or if it really happened. We are diligent about following up on every incident and complaint and would do so if information was brought to us.”

There’s still no clear evidence as to who might be behind these reported druggings, or what the motivation might be. As with previous cases, Jordan did not appear to be assaulted or otherwise harmed.

Still, Jordan says he feels affected by the incident. “I don’t trust everybody in the comedy scene anymore,” he says. “I keep my drinks close and watch my friends’ drinks closely when they aren’t holding them. It’s a damn shame.”