Right hand, please meet your left.

At last week’s City Council meeting 39th Ward alderman Margaret Laurino introduced a resolution inviting representatives from the departments of Health, and Business Affairs and Consumer Protection to talk about the feasibility of “adapting the municipal code to allow the operation of food trucks in the City of Chicago.”

I didn’t speak to Laurino herself—my calls were returned by her mouthpiece, marketing consultant Manuel Galvan. And he wasn’t sure if she was aware of the proposed food-truck ordinance already getting hashed out by her colleagues Scott Waguespack and Vi Daley and those very same departments.

But he says she was inspired by LA food trucks she encountered on visits to her son, so there it is. Laurino is the chair of council’s Committee on Economic, Capital and Technology Development, which seems like an appropriate forum to discuss the issue.

Something like that could certainly push it forward—particularly if everybody got on the same page first.