Last month the national behemoth Tower Records announced that it was shuttering its stores. This month it’s a local mom-and-pop: Hi-Fi Records on Clark Street. Hi-Fi opened about a decade ago, emphasizing vinyl before vinyl made its comeback. (Even if it never threatened to return as a widespread format, I bet the shift led a lot of old record-store owners to curse themselves for dumping their inventory in the 90s.) The store eventually beefed up its CD selection, too, mixing a variety of new releases in with the voluminous used goods. I always got the feeling that their employees actually liked their jobs and knew their shit, which is more than I could say for most non-department heads at Tower. Anyway, the store is closing by Sunday, November 26, so today it kicked off a massive sale, with every record, CD, video, and DVD 50 percent off. In the long run, though, these great bargains may be coming at a high price.