Turns out Cook County commish Mike Quigley wasn’t the only local Obama supporter who traveled to Washington and got shut out of the actual inauguration ceremony.

“Let’s just say Washington could learn a little from Chicago about crowd control,” said 49th Ward alderman Joe Moore.

For starters, Moore said, there were no signs offering directions to the various entrance gates. Then it turned out that wasn’t his biggest problem. “The gate we were supposed to go into was closed for some reason,” he said. Some other local officials, including state rep Harry Osterman, had the same troubles, according to Moore.

So Moore went to the offices of the National League of Cities, where he knew some people. “I watched it on TV,” he said. “But I did get to see the parade go by from the comfort of a heated office.”

Moore said it was hardly a loss: his son was able to watch the parade up close, and he himself was moved by being in the middle of history. “It was powerful seeing all the people from around the world who’d come to Washington to witness this.”