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  • A Malene Birger dress, now on sale at Tula

UPDATE: Owner Laura Westgate says the store will stay open.
Tula, a high-end boutique at 3738 N. Southport, will be closing its doors next month after four years in business. After thinking about it for a year, says owner Laura Westgate, “it’s sort of like ripping a Band-Aid off.” She says the store, which carries contemporary, elegant pieces by European and American designers such as Hache, Malene Birger, and Magaschoni, was not quite in step with the casual flavor of the neighborhood: “I just had someone come in today and say, ‘Oh, grown-up clothes.'” The economic downturn didn’t help.

Westgate says the store will continue online, where she’ll also feature items from Panache, a sister store in Grand Haven, Michigan, owned by her mother. and she’s open to the idea of reopening in a few years at a different Chicago location.

The physical store will close September 15th; until then, summer items are on sale for at least 50 percent off and jewelry, accessories, and fall clothing are 20 percent off.