• Paul Michael Thomas smokes PCP in Death Drug

This weekend the folks at Chicago Cinema Society and Everything Is Terrible! will present a program of vintage antidrug materials at the Logan Theatre. The program centers on a 1978 feature called Death Drug, which stars future Miami Vice lead Paul Michael Thomas as a musician addicted to PCP (the Terrible collective made hay of it a few years back), and there will be shorts and public service announcements as well, all of them sure to be earnest, inept, and fun to laugh at. It runs tomorrow and Saturday night at 11 PM.

Keeping with the Everything Is Terrible! aesthetic (call it rigorously curated ugliness), Death Drug will be screened from a digital transfer of a videocassette. “There was some fuzz around the edges of the screen when we previewed it the other day,” organizer Katie Rife told me yesterday, “but it looked surprisingly clean otherwise. It’s similar to hooking up an old VCR to a hi-def flat screen.”