The world just got a little more dangerous for eBay vinyl addicts with the launch of a new site called Ain’t Just Soul. Local programmer Kumar McMillan has put together what he calls a “portable record player for the Internet” that scrapes audio from used-vinyl auctions on eBay (in a range of genres from Afrobeat to garage rock) and presents it in a simple but visually appealing fashion, complete with links to the auctions themselves. It took me just four clicks to get from the site’s opening page to giving serious thought to bidding on an obscure Michigan garage 45 that’s opening at 20 bucks. 

McMillan says it’s a work in progress, so input is welcome. He really wants it to work smoothly with the iPhone, which conjures up visions of nightmarish situations involving beers, the encouragement of fellow record geeks, and entire bank accounts converted to vinyl.