• Autopilot/Wikimedia Commons
  • If you see this on the street, just keep walking.

Last week a mysterious Soundcloud account operated by “user48736353001” slowly posted, for a couple days, more than a 100 songs that sound uncannily like Aphex Twin. After some confirmation from close friends of the artist formally known as Richard D. James, it was revealed that the tracks are likely unreleased Aphex Twin material from the 90s. Expertly detailed by Philip Sherburne in this Pitchfork article, the tracks bear keyboard sounds and drum programming that identify them with certain eras. I’ve been listening to this material a lot during the past week, and there are many highlights, but my favorite so far is “28 organ.” To my ears it sounds most like the tracks that are on 1997’s Come to Daddy EP—a mix of plasmatic, minor-key, gorgeous keyboard melodies and taut, frenetic drum patterns. But at more than seven minutes long, this is more intricate than “Flim,” “IZ-US,” or other like-minded selections from Come to Daddy. Check it out below, and head over to user48736353001’s Soundcloud page to hear (and download) the whole enchilada.