I remarked to a friend that I thought the R. Kelly trial might actually stretch Chicago media to the breaking point–copies of the Sun-Times spontaneously combusting, Starbucks locations instituting 24-hour shifts, ambulances ferrying queasy reporters to local ERs, marches on City Hall for WiMax, and so forth. For a moment, when I was seeing headlines like “Fourth R. Kelly jury member selected” (IIRC) I thought it just might happen, but even with the showing of the infamous tape, coverage–not to mention the teasing of the coverage–has been muted. I’ve been having to constantly check back on expat Bill Wyman’s Hitsville blog for critical, moxified writing on the trial.

We’re not even close to an R. KELLY: DEFIANT headline yet. Has there been a sudden attack of taste, or is the city just pacing itself? Perhaps we need to call in some reserves from the New York Daily News.