When I read that Shia LeBeouf had directed a Marilyn Manson video I wasn’t particularly intrigued. Stunt collaborations are all the rage these days—as evidenced by Jack White’s track with the Insane Clown Posse that for a minute came closer to blowing up the entire Internet than most hackers could ever dream—but to me they seem kind of tedious. Initially I wasn’t going to check out LeBeouf’s video for Manson’s “Born Villain” because Shia LeBeouf is a shit actor and from what I can tell he seems like sort of a shitty person too. Plus that Kid Cudi video he did was awful. But then I watched it anyhow. I’m super glad that I did.

I haven’t listened to Jack White and ICP’s “Lick My Ass” (or whatever it’s called in German) for the obvious reasons, so I can only assume that it’s pretentious garbage (in the very Jack White-y way where there’s always gotta be an Important Meaning). On the other hand I can absolutely guarantee that “Born Villain” is pretentious garbage, and it’s fantastic.