I’m repeatedly impressed by the potential of the web when I stumble upon sites like Avant Garde Project, which at present offers more than 20 out-of-print albums of contemporary classical music by the likes of John Cage, Mauricio Kagel, and Morton Subotnick free to download. I’m sure this is technically illegal, but when you consider that this stuff is on the fringe of popular consciousness, and that most of the labels either no longer exist–or that the majors that originally issued the stuff start to care only when there seems to be demand–it seems like a relatively safe venture. Although nothing has been added to the site since last year, Earlabs also has some avant-garde rarities available for download.

There are lots of MP3 blogs out there, offering a song or two for short durations, but I want to know about other sites that keep full-length albums up permanently–or at least until the person running the site gives up. Suggestions, please?