“The idea that men are babies comes from people that, hard as this may be to believe, support male dominance,” not feminists. That’s Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon, who says the claim that men are born to be emotional cripples can be found in a book called Why Gender Matters by Dr. Leonard Sax, who’s no feminist.  (More on his quackery at Language Log.)

“Why do so many people who support male dominance argue that their preferred social dominators are immature?” Marcotte goes on. “Well, because it sounds better than, ‘Bitch, get back in the kitchen.'”

Alon Levy at Abstract Nonsense goes general on this, observing that some groups justify their power by saying they’re strong and good, while others justify their power by saying they don’t have any. Either way, it’s all about the cover-up. “Power is more often than not asserted through claims that the other side lacks agency: the Indian caste system considers the members of the bottom class children who can do no wrong, Confucian autocracy as well as American capitalism is based on the idea that the best rise to the top, and European imperialism makes ample use of the concept of the civilizing mission.”

But, he continues,  “When your power is overtly based on violence, it makes sense for you to minimize your own responsibility. The mafia does this by reminding would-be umerta breakers that anything that happens to them or their families is entirely the result of their ratting the don out, rather than of the don ordering a hit.”  Likewise male supremacists:  she made me hit her.