• AP Photo/Daily Herald/Mark Welsh
  • Dani Weadley, center left, of Fox Lake, and other Blackhawks fans at Harry Caray’s Restaurant in Rosemont early Tuesday morning

Is this a hockey town, or what?

No, it’s not. Lake Forest and Wilmette, those are hockey towns. When the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup Monday, they were dancing in the streets of Kenilworth. Or the residents had their servants go outside and do it for them.

Yes, there were drunken parties on Chicago’s north side Monday night. Wrigleyville residents dashed outside, convinced the Cubs had just won the Stanley Cup. Meantime all was quiet in Englewood, Garfield Park, and Lawndale.

I’m happy the Blackhawks are NHL champs, but let’s not get swept away with the idea that they’re emblematic of Chicago. Let’s realize that most of the city’s residents don’t give a flying puck about hockey. And with good reason. Chicago is almost two-thirds black and Hispanic, and hockey is still mainly for the white and affluent.