Dunn is dangerous when hes in the field

Adam Dunn didn’t play in the field much last year for the White Sox. Manager Ozzie Guillen knew that Dunn’s glove, like his bat, often has trouble locating the ball.

But Paul Konerko’s sore neck has forced new manager Robin Ventura to use Dunn at first base often in the early going. Dunn has played down to expectations there, but his fielding foibles have not greatly cost the team. Meantime, something odd has been happening at the plate when Dunn’s been in the lineup as a fielder instead of a designated hitter: he’s been making contact.

Dunn is hitting .236 overall—77 points higher than last year. He has nine home runs in just 30 games. He does lead the league in strikeouts, with 45, but he’s been an all-or-nothing swinger throughout his career, except for last season, when he dropped the “all.”