Are you looking for something to do on a laid-back Sunday? The Hideout is hosting a hell of a mini-festival on the 24th, “A Day in the Country,” pimped to me relentlessly by organizer Lawrence Peters. (The last time I saw Lawrence, he was getting all Hendrix on an electric washboard as a member of Steve Krakow’s Celestial Vision Guitarkestra. Yes, “guitar” is interpreted very loosely with that unit.) Headlining are Freakwater and Kelly Hogan, but some lesser-known treats lurk further down the bill, like Brett Eugene Ralph’s Kentucky Chrome Revue, Tangleweed, the Blue Line Riders, and, of course, the Lawrence Peters Outfit. (Most of the Lawrence Peters outfits I’ve seen involve a lot of satin and fringe.) There will be Texas-style BBQ as well. I hope it winds up like those Hideout parties at SxSW that always made me wonder why I went all the way to Austin to hear the same bands I could hear in Chicago all the time . . . not that I regretted it, exactly.