This just in: Congressman Rahm Emanuel has taken a stand in the Democratic presidential primary.

After being neutral for the entire primary campaign, this morning he endorsed–hold onto your seats–Barack Obama, one day after the Illinois senator sewed up the nomination.

I know congressmen in Chicago have a tradition of…. Well, let’s call it caution. Even while many remain deeply involved in local Democratic Party business, they look the other way as scandal after scandal engulfs City Hall, keep their mouths shut as the local transportation system falls apart, and stay out of even big zoning and development spats, leaving the locals to face City Hall on their own.

But even by these standards, Emanuel’s equivocation is impressive. Yes, he used to work in the Clinton White House. But Obama’s the favorite son of Illinois, for goodness sakes. Even Mayor Daley–who rarely sticks his neck out for anyone–endorsed him.

Oh, well, better late than never. At least Emanuel’s not backing McCain–or that other presidential candidate with Illinois ties.