The Pitchfork Music festival is outdoing itself this year: Sonic Youth will be playing the whole of their masterpiece, Daydream Nation. To whet your appetite, check out the video of “Teenage Riot,” which doubles as a Where’s Waldo of cutting-edge cultural figures. Can you find Mark E. Smith, Harvey Pekar, and Patti Smith?

If the NCAA tournament isn’t exciting enough for you, you can bet on the Conrad Black trial. But last I checked you’d be the first.

Dubai sees our Calatrava spire and raises us with the silliest-named building ever, the Pentominium. To paraphrase Jon Stewart, if Saudi Arabia and Las Vegas had a baby, it would be named Dubai. I say forget the Calatrava and build Frank Lloyd Wright’s mile-high “Illinois” building, because this architectural aggression cannot stand.

Meanwhile, Wicker Park’s Northwest Tower, the coyote-shaped landmark that gave the long-running Around the Coyote arts festival its name and neighborhood’s only skyscraper, is at risk of coming down (h/t Beachwood Reporter).

The House of Crosses, an urban folk-art treasure in West Town, may also be doomed, as I learned in the comments section in the Reader‘s Flickr group (where I found the photo below, by Margaret Nissen). Weird Chicago has a rundown and a podcast with the nephew of the house’s creator.