* The NYT gives Obama’s media consultant, former Tribune wunderkind David Axelrod, the star treatment. The photo of Axelrod looking rugged is kind of hilarious.

* Everyone who’s anyone in legal trouble gets the “Free [fill in name]” treatment these days, so why not Hot Doug? (h/t Gapers Block)

* The real shame of Filter getting the boot for Bank of America is that the M/D/N intersection is the last place in Chicago where a bank is needed. (h/t Chicagoist)

* Great feature in the Trib on upper-middle-class flight from Chicago to the exurbs. The explanation’s obvious (for a Chicago condo price you can get a 3,000 sq. ft. house in Kendall County), but lots of great details:

“It reminds me of Naperville eight years ago,” Barry said. “There’s so much land…. They’re bringing in Kohl’s. We went to the Yorkville festival and talked to the old-timers, the farmers.“

“They’re not really thrilled with us,” Ginny said.

My friend and I were discussing this over the weekend. Here’s how Chicago gets you–it lures you in with the freakishly reasonable rent in almost every neighborhood, the reasonably good professional job market, and rich local culture and history. Then you wake up one day feeling the obligation to own property and realize you’re doomed. I don’t know what to do about it, either.

* The Sun-Times reports that the Sun-Times is awesome.

* While they’re going about redesigning the print edition, perhaps they could do something about the incomprehensible STNG web sites. I like the prose poetry of headlines without subheads stacked on top of each other, but in practice I have no idea what the articles are about. From today’s online Daily Southtown:

* The baseball season kicks off for real today. Here’s a Cubby dirge for opening day from the late great Steve Goodman.