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* Local lawyer George Zelics is representing plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit claiming that consumers are being shortchanged by gas companies. How do they say we’re getting screwed? The energy content of gas is based on fuel at 60 degrees. When it gets hotter–like, during the summer–the energy content by volume goes down, but the gas doesn’t get cheaper. One study found that the average temperature for fuel at the pump is 64.7 degrees, hotter in the south and west. This was the subject of a big throwdown at the National Conference on Weights and Measures here in the city.

* If you didn’t grow up reading a small-town paper, you might not catch all the humor in the Onion. Here’s a refresher for those of you who have been living in Chicago too long.

* Be careful when using automated cab pickup phone systems

* Chicago economist David Hale of Hale Partners: Be afraid.

* One thing that might get governments, local and otherwise, acting on home foreclosures: suburban blight.

* Headline of the week (from the Sun-Times, natch): “Hitler’s loss — our gain”

* Ad memes: getting weirder