* Tom McNamee calls Northside 777 the best movie ever made in Chicago.

Trib verdict: the iPhone isn’t actually a very good phone (mediocre call quality, short battery life), but it does reflect well on you as a person.

* Chicago has an entertaining piece on incarcerated “hacktivist” Jeremy Hammond. (Christopher Hayes wrote a Reader profile [PDF] of him in August 2005, before he went to prison.) It’s worth noting that the countercultural tradition is fairly strong on the Internet because its development was spurred by a lot of ex-hippies. Many of the things we take for granted as part of Web culture, such as the the pressure to keep content free and collective and the desire to make code open-source, evolved from the social and political proclivities of early Web users. In other words, the structure evolved from the culture. It’s really pretty fascinating.

* Crain’s has a sweet Chicago skyline infotour (scroll down a bit).

* Trib reporter Barbara Rose is working the unemployment beat to good (if depressing) results. Expect to spend your professional life waiting for the ax to fall and having to scramble when it does.