? and the Mysterians are playing a benefit show at the Empty Bottle on Saturday for ?, their lead singer, whose uninsured house burned to the ground in January. If you’re like me, you might have no idea who they are until someone tells you they did “96 Tears.” The name of the song may or may not ring a bell, but I promise you’ve heard it. Here’s a new video for it; it hasn’t gotten less awesome since 1966.

Historian Timuel D. Black Jr. discusses Bridges of Memory Volume 2: Chicago’s Second Generation of Black Migration, the second part of his epic oral history trilogy, Wednesday at 57th St. Books; it made Time Out‘s list of the 10 best books about Chicago.

I absolutely love this photo by Greg Stimac, one of the featured artists on our new Galleries & Museums page. His show “Mowing the Lawn” opens today at Bucket Rider; you can read a brief interview with him at Gapers Block.

I haven’t heard the Manhattan String Quartet, but their program at Northwestern on Sunday is nothing but hits: the First String Quartet by Charles Ives, perhaps the greatest American composer; a quartet by Shostakovich, whose music they specialize in; and a Beethoven quartet. There’s been a lot of Shostakovich in town of late, and rightfully so, but I haven’t seen much Ives, whose defiantly American weirdness is one of my favorite things in the world. Having trouble finding recordings of Ives online, but the invaluable Project Gutenberg has his book Essays Before a Sonata.