Ive made a moderately large mistake.

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  • “I’ve made a moderately large mistake.”

I was on my way to the airport to fly to New York for a friend’s Arrested Development brunch and season four watching party (a Skip’s Scramble, cornballs, “model home fries,” fun) when a deer attempted suicide on the Blue Line tracks between Cumberland and O’Hare. All passengers were forced off the train and told to wait for shuttle buses to the two subsequent stops; the impatient among us hopped into cabs with strangers.

I think we were talking about American Airlines’ attempt to offer frequent flyers unlimited first-class flights for life when one of the guys in the back seat joked of the ill-fated plan, “I’ve made a huge mistake.” We caught the reference, and conversation turned to the sitcom that spawned it. As it turned out, three quarters of the randomly selected people in that taxi (myself included) were excited about and planning on watching Arrested Development when the episodes began streaming on Netflix the following day.