In this week’s Reader cover story on local screen printers, Dan McAdamMacAdam from Crosshair namechecks the classic designers Hipgnosis as a major influence. Which gives me a good excuse to post a link to a gallery of Hipgnosis-designed album covers that I found the other day. I knew Hipgnosis from Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here and Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy and Presence (which isn’t in the gallery for some reason), but I’d never been exposed to the insane psych-y surrealism of Caravan’s Cunning Stunts and the turbo kick-ass future wizard that graced the front of Uno’s Uno. If I had a little more time to get it together, I would love to go to the Pitchfork Festival dressed as this guy and walk around with my two staffs just vibing people out hardcore.