While we’re talking about comments and madness, take a tour of the comments on David Edelstein’s negative review of The Dark Knight, or his follow-up on all the hate mail he received. (Armond White is also getting savaged, even though he has the best opening line of any DK review: “Every generation has a right to its own Batman”; it does devolve into hey-you-kids-get-off-my-sincerity soon enough, but at least he has a thesis to consider–see also–rather than an opinion to react to, which I admire.)

Edelstein thinks the the Internet caused this “mob mentality” against critics like him. I think he’s giving the Internet too much credit–there were a lot of bugnuts crazy people before it, now they just happen to read David Edelstein. The Internet makes the mob possible, but the mentality’s been there all along. 

In other Dark Knight news, Bill Wyman does some basic math and points out that The Dark Knight isn’t historically that much of a hit thus far and it isn’t saving the movie industry.