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I know I reported last week that Phillip Foss decided not to to put his Crisp Paupiette of Asian Carp in Barolo Sauce on the menu at Lockwood because the fish had such a high cost-to-yield ratio. That’s still true–but after inquiries from certain unnamed persons of influence, Foss has done gone and changed his mind.

Tonight he’s running an $18 Good Friday special: slow-roasted Asian carp, Provencal beans with crabmeat, grilled radicchio, fennel, and aioli.

Even better, Foss says he’ll be giving away the dish to 12 people who write him at thepickledtongue@gmail.com “expressing what [your] religious, spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof, means to you” in 143 words or less.

Winners will be announced at 4:30 PM. Go get it.