• Joe Shlabotnik

We commented a couple weeks back on the threat posed to the nation by sagging pants, which have been outlawed in some municipalities—the Chicago suburb of Lynwood, for instance, where Mayor Eugene Williams described the reprobate trend as “ugly and stupid.” Saggy pants have been criticized by everybody from Barack Obama—“brothers should pull up their pants,” the president prescribed—to Evanston alderman Lionel Jean-Baptiste, who is said to have “expressed concerns about the long-term health effects of saggy pants on wearers as they walk and try to keep their pants hitched up.”

Well—first they came for the communists, etc. Now they came for Billie Joe Armstrong! The A.V. Club picks up the story of the Green Day front man booted from a Southwest Airlines flight last week by an attendant who “who expressed concern that the level of his waistband was promoting dangerous ideas about nonconformity, and asked him to hike it up.” In the ensuing chaos,