Ebony Patterson's Among the Weeds, Plants, and Peacock Feathers Credit: Deanna Isaacs

The vibe was relaxed, but prices were as eye-popping as the art at Expo Chicago’s annual collectors’ market.
Here’s a sampling from a few of the hometown gallery booths at this past weekend’s Navy Pier event.

For $35,000 at Monique Meloche Gallery:

For $96,000 at Richard Gray Gallery:

Jaume Plensa’s PoetsCredit: Deanna Isaacs

For $5,200 (a relative bargain, and sold) at Zolla/Lieberman Gallery:

Susan Leopold’s One RoomCredit: Deanna Isaacs

$50,000 (and sold) at Rhona Hoffman Gallery:

Spencer Finch’s Color Test (876)Credit: Deanna Isaacs

For $20?  A day pass and a visual feast.

Expo Chicago 2015Credit: Deanna Isaacs