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  • The elusive cronut

It’s been only a month since Dominque Ansel started selling cronuts. Only a month since he started making a mere 200 per day, since New Yorkers started lining up outside Ansel’s SoHo bakery at the butt-crack of dawn in order to get a shot at purchasing their allotment of three precious pastries apiece, since the cronut became the talk of the pastry world beyond New York, since disappointed would-be cronut buyers started flipping off Ansel’s baristas, since several apparently-thriving cronut delivery services opened for business on Craigslist, operating, in some cases, at an 800 percent markup. And it’s been only a week since the cronut backlash began and the first copycats—called “doissants”—appeared in DC and Indianapolis, and a day since a baker in Minneapolis claimed he’s been making his own doughnut-croissant hybrid for years, only nobody knew or gave a shit since he was in Minnesota (though the last part of that statement went unsaid because Minnesotans have to uphold their reputation for niceness).

So naturally, it’s time for Chicago to get its own version of the cronut. Except it won’t be called the cronut since Ansel has already trademarked the name. It will instead be called the “croughnut.” And it won’t be in Chicago. It will be in Elmhurst, at Gür Sweets Bakery.