From the Tribune‘s tribute to Mike Royko on the tenth anniversary of his passing:

There are many people who viewed Mike Royko as a hardened piece of steel, like something you would find in a very good, sharp knife.

Like the knife part of the knife?

It is unlikely that any columnist will ever again have the perspective—and the survival skills—to conclude that God had tipped the nation on its side, “and all the fruits and nuts rolled west.”

And then there’s this:

In this era in which the blogosphere spends so much time emphasizing its own value, who other than Royko would conclude that the Internet is actually “an electronic asylum filled with babbling loonies.”

Well, there’s David Brooks. And David Broder. And George H.W. Bush. David Pogue. Richard Cohen. Jim Brady. Deborah Howell.

Our loss.

Well, OK, that’s a good point.

Personal to anyone who might wish to be my literary executor or otherwise memorialize me in the future: please pick my funny jokes and the criticisms that made me look forward-thinking. Also, you’re welcome to put my best work on the Internet–for free!–as a bulwark against babbling loonies.