They may still be running out of bagels by lunchtime, but the staff at Logan Square’s new Reno is top-notch, many of them carrying over from neighboring Telegraph Wine Bar.

Executive chef Johnny Anderes (whose Key Ingredient for us last year was in fact ash) is working with the wood-burning oven he inherited from former occupant Ciao Napoli to produce artisan bagels, available beginning at 7 AM weekdays, 9 AM on weekends. In addition to the Stumptown Coffee, there are also pastries and breakfast sandwiches, with more sandwiches at lunch.

At night there are pizzas, which include specialties like the self-explanatory Beetza and meat pies featuring pepperoni from the Paulina Market or pork belly carnitas. Anderes, with the help of chef de cuisine Elliot Green, is also offering seasonal pastas, for example, cavatelli with acorn squash, pappardelle with Gorgonzola and greens, and fusilli bucatini with lamb neck ragu, grilled peppers, eggplant, and fiore sardo (aka Sardinian pecorino).