• Tom Cruze/Sun-Times
  • No runs, no hits, no arrows

Would you rather hunt buffalo with arrows or errors?

The New York Times seems to believe in the latter approach. The paper’s lead story in the National section yesterday concerned the challenges American Indians have been facing as they migrate from reservations to metropolitan areas. The closing paragraph quoted Bill Ziegler, president and CEO of an American Indian housing project in Minneapolis.

“When we’re talking about change, we’re not hunting vampires—there’s no silver bullet,” Mr. Ziegler said. “It’s like the Lakota hunters bringing down a buffalo. It wasn’t one shot. It was a series of errors that led to success. And it’s going to take a series of errors to bring down the beast.”

I e-mailed the Times yesterday morning, saying it might have erred on “errors” in quoting Ziegler. A few minutes later, I was able to reach Ziegler himself via e-mail. “I was misquoted, I said arrows,” he told me.