If you think AT&T’s U-verse cable TV system is unfair to local public access TV, Wednesday, April 1, is the last day to get your name on a petition asking the FCC to step in.

What’s this about? Here’s a piece by the Tribune’s David Greising that explains that U-verse consigns public programming to a “digital ghetto.” Greising goes on, “Viewers must go to the dreaded Channel 99, and from there navigate toward the towns they want. While U-verse subscribers can digitally record up to four programs at once, they cannot digitally record from Channel 99. They can’t even plan their viewing, because the digital guide available for all the other U-verse channels is not available for public, educational and government programming.”

And here’s a response to Greising from a somewhat shadowy group calling itself the Ministerial Alliance Against the Digital Divide that claims “consumers and social service groups actually prefer the way that AT&T has set up its community programming and see this as the wave of the future.”