You may have read elsewhere on this site that the Reader‘s editorial department has suffered another round of layoffs. Today marks the last day of employment for those who got the ax, and though it pains me to see each of them go, I want to point out the efforts of two people in particular who’ve made the movie coverage what it is.

Ryan Hubbard has focused most of his writing on improv and stand-up comedy, but he’s also shouldered the mind-numbing job of coordinating the Reader‘s movie showtimes. When the paper was sold last year, our production schedule moved up one day, but our final and complete feed of theater showtimes didn’t. Since then Ryan has been the man with the plan, coordinating our last-minute entry of the best information available without breaking a sweat. And as photo editor, he’s been a font of digital expertise and sound aesthetic judgment.

Pat Graham has been at the Reader for longer than anyone can remember. He reviewed movies back in the 80s, before his hearing began to go, and has been a tireless and unique contributor to this blog since its inception. But for years his most critical function has been editorial: as our most literate, experienced, and well-educated proofreader, Pat has built up a decades-long record as the Chicago Reader‘s last line of defense against errors of fact and abuses of English. He is, to use the cliche, a walking encyclopedia, and the embarrassing mistakes he’s flagged in my copy over the past 12 years would fill a book.

I’m sorry to see them go, not least because, starting tomorrow, making the Chicago Reader will get a lot harder. Who’d have thunk it?