• Sean Graff

Chicago writer Keir Graff has announced that he has purchased a sport coat in order to make him look “more authorial” for his upcoming appearances to promote the paperback edition of his novel The Price of Liberty.

Keir states: “For years, I had seen authors wearing sport coats, and envied them, but I wasn’t sure I had earned the right to wear one myself. But, finally, I decided to go for it. I may not have the awards, the fans, or the sales of these authors, but there’s nothing to stop me from buying a sport coat.”

Keir informs that said sport coat is fashioned of tobacco-brown corduroy, while the lining is patterned with subtle vertical stripes and the buttons are made of durable plastic.

The sport coat will appear, along with Graff, on May 3 at 6 PM at the Newberry Library, 60 W. Walton.