The AV-aerie has addressed the events of this past weekend in a post on its MySpace blog. The venue is definitely still closed, but the folks running it have some ideas about how you can help fix that. The text in full is below.


we’re still here.

we’re having some troubles right now but we’re working them out.

we’d like to say up front that we feel pretty positive, all things considered.

most of this positive outlook is a direct result of all the wonderful thoughts and sincere offers of aid that have poured in as news of our latest round of difficulties in finding balance in zoning, statutes, licensing and understanding with the city of chicago is making the rounds.  from friends, community members, collaborators past and present and even most hearteningly from select city officials.  it was the most pleasant of surprises to find eager voices within the departments of contention, nice people working for the city who have been very friendly and helpful in getting our troubles addressed, structured and prepared for a good straightening out.

in an attempt to best organize the offers of aid, in all their many forms, i’d like to note here that we’re creating a few methods of taking all you good folks up on your interest in helping us get through this present situation in a way that puts these troubles to bed forever.

firstly, we have a volunteer coordinator who will receive emails of interest or intent and help find a way to bring you into the fold.  wherever your interest may lie, be it specific skills in legal issues or just being around to help put together some distribution materials.  they’ll be able to figure out the right approach.  or if you have ideas on how to help us with some legal fundraising…  boy, that’d be a great one.

emails can be sent to and then the ball will be rolling.

volunteer details as well as an online donation page for information on the specifics of our situation in legal and financial terms will be posted on our website and updated regularly starting in the next day and a half.

so please, if you’re interested, spread the word and contact us through

thanks folks and we’ll see you soon.