Here at the Reader, the sad death of Ingmar Bergman hasn’t gone unnoticed:

RC I loved her in Casablanca.

MM You’re thinking of Ingmar Johansson, Scarlett’s mom.

TF No, that’s Tracy Ullman.

TP No no, Scarlett’s mom was that chick from Blue Velvet I thought.

PG Laura Dern?—o pleez!

MM [TP] is thinking, of course of Isabella Rossellini, whose mother, Ingmar Johansson, was known in Sweden cinema circles as the “little Jane Russell,” hence the girl’s name.

TP Um, no, I was thinking of Laura Dern.

MM I’m sorry. Laura Dern, of course, whose father, Bruce Dern, had an affair with Ingmar Bergman Johansson when Hitchcock was simultaneously shooting Notorious and Family Plot.

PG No wonder Diane Ladd always looks so exasperated–or was it Liv Tyler? … I mean Tracy Ullman?

RC Dennis Hopper and David Johansen conceived Scarlett in the men’s room of CBGB’s in 1984.

TP Yeah it took nearly 10 years to clean up the mess Patti Smith and Liv Ullmann made in there conceiving Steven Tyler’s daughter.

ET Yes, but that was with Debbie Harry, too. Who played Desiree Armfeldt in Smiles of a Summer Night—yes, I headed it back toward Ingmar.

RC What a loving tribute we’ve paid to Ingrid Bergman today. I’m sure she appreciates it.

MM I think we’re starting to get the hang of this creative loafing.

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And now, hard on the heels, comes equally sad news of Michelangelo Antonioni’s death … not the kind of perfecta you’re ever ready to confront, and I’m sure not up for it today. Requiescat, you guys …