The enemy

If you’ve never received a ticket for neglecting to move your car during a scheduled street sweeping, then imagine me sarcastically slow-clapping your attentiveness, followed closely by an exaggerated eye roll. But if you’re a normal person and have received a solid, half-dozen $60 tickets because you mistakenly (or purposely) slept in or because you’re generally oblivious to city-placed street signs and notifications, there is now a way to avoid waking up in a panic, sprinting out to an already-ticketed car, and cursing a society that is out to get you, every chance it gets. provides you with dates for the next street sweeping in your neighborhood, as well as options to set up e-mail and text alerts (the alerts are sent out one week and one day prior to the scheduled sweeping). Type in your address and the site highlights your ward and “sweep area,” and lets you know the two dates a month you’ll be forced to set your alarm for 8:55 AM to move your car.

(h/t Chiboulevards)