I remember a long time ago reading an account of the old LA punk scene that said that when Keith Morris quit as the lead singer of Black Flag he basically took the band’s sense of humor with him. Morris’s pure not-giving-a-fuck attitude helped make the Circle Jerks one of the best bands of their era, and it’s a big part of what’s allowed him to continue being a punk idol decades after many of his contemporaries have faded into irrelevance.

Recently Morris interrupted work on what was to be the first Circle Jerks record since 1995 to assemble a new group, Off!, whose bursts of loud-fast-rules hardcore easily stand up to anything he did in the 80s. You can catch them Saturday at the Pitchfork Music Festival (see our guide here if you haven’t already) and Sunday at Reggie’s Rock Club.

A while back I got the chance to talk to Morris on the phone about collecting records and why Off! is different from all the punk bands on the nostalgia circuit.