Ayako Kato's Stück 1998/Anchor 2018 Credit: Courtesy the Artist

Choreographer Ayako Kato makes discoveries in stillness. For her latest work, Stück 1998/Anchor 2018, she was inspired by the moments of silence in contemporary classical composer Manfred Werder’s 4,000-page score Stück 1998, a piece containing 160,000 12-second units of time with six seconds of music and six seconds of silence in each.

“For a mover, silence is equivalent with stillness,” says Kato. “When I experience that stillness I realize there is no such thing as stillness. Your heart is moving. You’re breathing. When you have silence and stillness, you start to sense how movement is precious.”

Kato uses the score’s sound gaps to explore the relationship between music and dance. By drawing connections between movement and artistic expression, she reflects on 20 years of collaborating with musicians and composers. Whether it’s playing a piano or drawing a bow across strings, music is created by movement, but the human body is also an instrument. “I’m looking for the intersection of music and dance,” says Kato. “It seems like music doesn’t involve movement, but it does. And dancers create music with the rhythm of their breathing.”

Each of the four performances at Links Hall features a different 30-page excerpt from the score, and Kato’s priorities change each evening. Her emphasis shifts from music and sound to movement and dance before presenting them as equals, and the work ends with her manifesto on independence. It’s about achieving harmony with those who are different rather than acting alone. In stillness, Kato becomes aware of the life force that everyone shares.

Stück 1998/Anchor 2018 Fri 2/16, Sun 2/18, Thu 2/22, and Sat 2/24, 7 PM, Links Hall, 3111 N. Western, 773-281-0824, linkshall.org, $12-$15 online, $17. at the door.