Most of the time I’m not really feeling the stuff that Craig over at the Chicago-based indie rock blog Songs:Illinois posts, but every once in a while he’s absolutely on point. Like today. This past week he’s been doing a series focusing on what he calls “Real Indie Rock”: bands that have decided not to go the publicists/managers/licensing route and instead stick to the punk ethos that indie rock used to be based on. Today’s entry is Baby Control, a Vancouver quartet that’s blasting out some seriously sweet punk-pop mayhem. They categorize themselves as “grunge” and their influences section just says “Nirvana,” but aside from their general location and their obvious love for yelling and loud guitars, there’s not too much to tie them to the descriptor. Actually, the boys playing the instruments sound like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in their more Sonic Youth-y moments, and vocalist Zoe Verkuylen sounds closer to Kathleen Hanna or Bratmobile’s Allison Wolfe than any grunge chick (even when the band is actually covering Nirvana). Vancouver’s Ache Records is releasing their full-length, Best War, on July 31 (you can check out the title track here); Citystarfleet is handling the vinyl. After listening to three Baby Control songs about a dozen goddamn times apiece today, I would have to say that I’m feeling “pretty excited” about getting my hands on a copy.