• Salim Virji
  • An animatronic demonstration of waterboarding in Coney Island, 2008

“No one dies from the use of waterboarding,” Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann said Monday on Fox News. “Is it uncomfortable? Yes, it’s uncomfortable. But our worry should not be about the comfort level of a terrorist.”

I haven’t been waterboarded, but I have had the experience of nearly drowning. “Uncomfortable” isn’t the word I’d use to describe it—“terrifying” comes to mind. But maybe it’s less traumatic when you’re strapped to a gurney by captors, a cloth is over your face, and water is poured onto the cloth, making it difficult or impossible to breathe.

I wonder how Bachmann knows that waterboarding is merely “uncomfortable.” I have a feeling it’s not from experience. Maybe she should give it a whirl, and then offer her informed opinion.