Friend of the Food Chain Seth Zurer, one of the organizers of Baconfest Chicago, reports from the NRA convention:

As Baconfest’s business interests intersect substantially with the restaurant industry, I was happy to have the chance to cover the National Restaurant Association’s annual trade show and catch up with the latest developments in the science of hospitality.

Many of the exhibitors didn’t hold a lot of interest for a man of my bacony inclinations. Baconfest is not in the market for a Wi-Fi-controlled granita machine, nor do we need a cutting-edge solid fat melter that solves the problem of hot-fat splashback.

We may someday want to make our ladies’ restrooms into profit centers, and I do have a nontrivial nonprofessional interest in the latest trends in breastaurant uniform design. But that’s neither here nor there.

There were a few items that captured my imagination . . .