• A routine stop? Hah!

But I repeat myself.

Welcoming our favorite TV dramas back into our home this fall, I’ve noticed something curious. It’s to be expected that the cops are all corrupt on Boardwalk Empire—it’s a Prohibition melodrama, set in a long gone but never to be forgotten era of wink wink, bang bang. Hell, the most sympathetic character at the close of the last installment of Boardwalk Empire was Al Capone.

As for Boss—well, OK, the mayor sells out the police chief, who then drops a dime on the mayor. No one’s clean in this show, dedicated to showing that pragmatism when pursued with cynical, brutal, totally self-involved intensity is orgasmic.

And if the police barrel in Treme weren’t loaded with rotten apples, who’d believe a word of what it has to say about New Orleans?

These are the nonexceptions that don’t prove a rule—other than that bad cops make for good drama. The shows that got me to thinking were the first two episodes of season four of The Good Wife.