• Mot the barber

The annual warning about turkeys catching fire in the deep fryer is brought to you this year by William Shatner, who, if the AP article hadn’t called him “best known as Capt. James T. Kirk from TV’s original ‘Star Trek’ series,” I would’ve been content to identify as the guy from the Priceline commercials. William Shatner! He likes fried turkey, but he wants you to do it safely. The accompanying PSA makes it look very, very easy to set a bird ablaze.

Other seasonal threats: a few weeks ago the Baltimore Sun’s “veteran drudge” John E. McIntyre published his annual list of “holiday cautions” for members of the media, with a grouchy note explaining that a staff member at the Sun, “someone who will be lucky to ’scape whipping, referred to tomorrow’s impending snow as ‘white stuff’”—a phrase McIntyre considers verboten. It’s a hilarious list—a few highlights are after the jump.