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  • Late-game collapses leave fans feeling—and looking—like this dude

All week I’ve had the purples. It’s sort of like having the blues, except with an ample portion of red fury mixed in. You get the purples when you’re hit with a sense of loss but also find yourself incredibly pissed off; and you’re pissed off not just at whatever’s gone bad but even more at yourself, since you wouldn’t have a sense of loss if you hadn’t allowed yourself to give a rat’s ass; and you know damn well you shouldn’t have given a rat’s ass because as soon as you did the loss was inevitable, or at least the sense of loss, which ends up amounting to the same thing.

I’m pretty sure this is one of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, or would be if Siddhartha Gautama had spent his Saturdays watching his favorite football teams collapse in the second half instead of hanging out under a sacred fig tree.

I’m glad it went as it did.