Yes, let’s have a public discussion, indeed:

All of the state’s seven Republicans in the U.S. House say they oppose the deal, with U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk of Highland Par[k] – a candidate for U.S. Senate – leading the very public charge.* Like other opponents, Cross raised the specter of increased terrorist attention to the state if Gitmo detainees are moved to the Thomson prison as part of President Barack Obama’s plan to shut the controversial Cuba facility down.

I mean, I get the political opportunism at play, I just don’t think it’s very opportunistic. Compare and contrast to Fremont County, Colorado, where residents raised $160k towards landing Florence ADX (closer to Denver than Thomson is to Chicago), which houses an all-star cast of the most dangerous people on earth, a multinational population of terrorists, gangsters, and mafiosi, including infamous former Illinoisans Matthew F. Hale and Michael Swango. Here’s what it’s like inside ADX Florence; see also a great piece from Westword about the prison’s first inmate, Thomas Silverstein.