• Purpy Pupple/Wikimedia Commons
  • Yes, this is in the suburbs.

To kick off Suburbia Week, my intention was to write some sort of definitive history behind my favorite suburban landmark, the Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette. Except a quick search of the Reader archives lead me to discover that Harold Henderson already wrote it, 25 years ago. I urge you to read Henderson’s article, which provides a fascinating architectural analysis of the structure.

When Henderson wrote his article in 1987, the temple was undergoing rehabilitation and restoration. Whether that process was postponed or not is still unclear, but as the Sun-Times reported this weekend, a $20 million restoration process, which writer Neil Steinberg says took ten years, was just completed. Having visited the site many times in the last decade, the construction was obtrusive and seemingly inexorable—it’s nice to hear that it’s finally over.