• Bun Pow Bun’s Stockyard Focaccia

The noble craft of mobile drunkard relief, as pioneered by the Tamale Guy and the erstwhile Muffin Lady (anyone seen her?), is a small but important subcategory in the city’s underground street food scene that predates the current fuss over food trucks (see also the blue and maroon vans, garage taquerias, and the teeming multitude of eloteros and fruteros).

And so it grows. Now along with fellow rookie the Burger Guy, there’s Bun Pow Buns, captained by Mike Bancroft, maker of Humboldt Park’s finest condiment, Co-Op Hot Sauce; his girlfriend, Anne Kostroski of Crumb Bread; and Amy Tery, owner of the Darkroom.

Quoth Bancroft, “The Buns come in threes and are a focaccia-style baked bun mixed with meaty/veggie goodness and served with super short runs of Co-op Sauce (that will only be available in the box o’ buns). The ‘packs’ will run a meager five bones and a portion of the profits will go to [youth arts ed group] Co-op Image.”